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Live Rich Calculators are the brain child of savings advocate and artist, Lois Center-Shabazz. She is the author of Live Rich Save Money! 68 Powerful Ways to Save, Now and Forever. The book and the calculators are a powerful way to understand money, finance, budgeting and saving. The goal is to change the mind of her users to get them to understand delayed gradification and financial security, are principles available to everyone.

The Live Rich Vision

My Vision is to get Americans of all income levels to understand that they can live relatively debt-free, live within a budget, and have financial peace. Am I saying the journal will be an easy one? Absolutely not. It will take some work. Everything that will make you happy will take some work, lots of work. But, the point is you can become a part of this vision, whether you make $5 an hour or $50,000 an hour. The same holds true with bankruptcy, just because you make a lot of money does not mean you understand money and will spend it wisely. Learn money, learn finance, learn budgeting, and learn that happiness with money has limits, but is possible. Read my money saving articles at Live Rich Save Money website. Listen to my free money tips at my Youtube Channel, and please subscribe to my channel.

What Live Rich Users are Saying

I return to Live Rich Calculatos over and over again. It is the best compilation of free calculators I have seen on the web. I love the savings calculators. Before using them along with the companion website, LiveRichSaveMoney.com, I had no idea I could save money.

Susan J.

I love the debt-payoff calculators the best. In the past I only wanted to pay off my debt. But with the debt pay off calculators. I know I can pay off my debt, for the first time, the guidance given by those calculators are enormous. I recommend those to everyone.

Mike K.

The weight loss calculator inspired me to lose weight. You would think a grown woman would know what to eat to lose, but I did not. It was a never ending guess game. I now know that my failed weight loss was due to too many calories, and too much food. Now I understand and coupled with a nutritious food plan, my weight loss have been successful.

Karen P.

Meet The Founder

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Lois Center-Shabazz (Founder)

Savings Advocate, Author, Artist, Graphic Designer & Webmaster

Lois is the author of Live Rich Save Money! 68 Ways to Save, Now and Forever. She is also the founder of LiveRichSaveMoney, the companion to LiveRichCalculators.com. She is also an avid artist, creating original acrylic on art and giclee artwork. See her art at artbazz paintings and artbazz photography

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