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Find out if raising minimum wage wars will help you or are you at minimum wage and don't know it. There is a big raising minimum wage debate going on in this country. Paying low minimum wages is almost sinful, since most workers in most areas of the country can't actually live on minimum wage. But, there are also hidden minimum wage jobs, that is; the cost to work the job is so high and there are so many hidden charges to the employee, that the employee pay is not near minimum wage.

Real Hourly Wage Calculator V2
So your boss told you that you were getting paid $10 an hour? Don't believe it! This calculator will show you how much you're REALLY profiting (after-tax, after work-related-expense takehome) from each hour you devote to working -- both paid and unpaid. But wait! Before you approach your boss with this startling computation, make sure you see both sides. You know, your boss's "side" and the "outside!" ;-)

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