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Use my financial calculators for all of your personal needs. Need to lose weight? Stop here. Need to learn mega money saving techniques? Stop here. Need to get out of debt? Stop here. The list goes on and on, each financial calculator was created especially with my users in mind.

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Live Rich Book

The MsFinancialSavvy eBooks works in conjuction with my calculators here. You will find several references to these calculators in the book, that will allow you to understand concepts in the book, and offers a faster path to financial prosperity, than one of them alone.

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Live Rich & Save

Use all of these calculators in conjunction with my MsFinancialSavvy website, at msfinancialsavvy.com. There you will find articles and social media that work in conjunction with this site. .

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With my calculators you will discover how to save money you thought you never had. How to purchase a home the right way. And your debt-worth is not your net worth.

Save Advocate, Lois Center-Shabazz